Don't want to leave my sugar daddy

March 10, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. It is very informative and enjoyable. I am 24 years old, and I have been reading it since I was about 17 years old. Sometimes I laugh and say to myself, "Pastor not easy".

I never thought tat I would have to write to you. I am living with a man, but his children don't like me. This man is 62 years old. He has seven children, but he was never married. The last woman who was living with him cheated, so he told her to go. He paid an investigator to watch her every move, so she couldn't deny that she had a man with him.

When he asked me to live here, I came as a live-in helper. He said that he was looking for an older woman to settle down with. But, after six weeks of working here, he told me that he could not resist my body. I started to bathe him when he came in, and we started to sleep together.

He has two daughters who are in their 20s. They told me to leave their father alone, and they think that I am after his house. I told them that I didn't put question to him; he put question to me.

They live in America. When I cook, they refuse to eat, so their father told me not to cook for them. They were home for two weeks, and they made my life miserable. They claimed to be Christians.

This man is talking about marriage, but I can't agree to marry him. His children hate me without a cause. He told me to ignore them. When they were visiting, he pretended as if I was just his helper. He even slept alone. But, as they left, I was in his bed.

He pays me $10,000 per week. I save most of it. I only send some to my mother. And, when I am going to visit her, he takes me. I want to leave, but I don't want to leave. It is like this man has tied me to him. When I told him that I want to go back to school, he said that I don't have to.

Pastor, he reads your column every day, so I don't want him to hate you. But I want him to see your advice to the two of us. Keep up your good work.


Dear A.N.,

I know why you are finding it difficult to leave this man. You have never had life so good. This man is paying you $10,000 per week, and you can eat and drink whatever you want without fear. You are running things. You don't have to spend what you earn. What a life!

This man's daughters have read you like a book. They know that you are with their father because of what you can get from him. You have not mentioned once that you love this man, and neither have you denied that you are having an intimate relationship with him. You told his daughters that he was the one who put question to you.

But hear me, think about your future. You are 24 years old, and the relationship with this man may ruin you. Go home, and from home, go to evening school. It is only your flesh that this man wants. He doesn't want you to be progressive. He wants to keep you under his wing. He wants you to rely on him for everything you need.

This man is not going to marry you. He will listen to his children. He doesn't want them to know that he is having an intimate relationship with you. That is why he didn't sleep with you when they were visiting. I am sure that they spoke to him about you and he told them that you are only his helper. He may not admit that to you, but I am sure that is what he told them. I could hear him saying to them, "Don't worry, I will soon run her".

Leave this man's place, young girl. Leave him.


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