No one pays attention to me


June 11, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 years of age. My mom died in a car accident when I was nine years old. From that happened I lived with my grandmother, my father's mother.

She treats me very well, but sometimes she says things to me that I don't like and I feel very bad inside.

My father doesn't really pay me any attention in terms of reasoning with me or taking me out. He has more time for my younger sister, who is six years old.

I understand that she is young and she needs more attention, but he should remember that I am motherless and I need attention, too.

My mother's family, such as my aunts and uncles, don't really pay me any attention, either. Only a few will take me into consideration and talk to me sometimes.

I am very unhappy, pastor, not having anybody to talk to about anything and that bothers me. It is very bad, but I write to you to find out what I should do to make things better.


Dear T.C.,

Thank you very much for your letter. You are a very intelligent girl. I regret hearing that your mother died when you were at a tender age.

But, I rejoice in the fact that your father has been trying his best to support you. Although he does not talk to you as much as you would like or take you out as he does your younger sister, that does not mean that he doesn't love you as much.

He feels that you can manage on your own. He is unaware that you are dying for more of his affection.

I suggest, therefore, that you work up the courage to tell your father that you would like him to take you out sometimes and for both of you to reason.

I am sure if you do, he would tell you that he wasn't aware that you felt that he was ignoring you.

I don't believe that you have written to me to say you are jealous because he gives your younger sister so much attention.

You see, my dear, not all men know that daughters like to reason with their fathers; and some girls would tell their fathers whatever is on their mind in a very respectful manner.

You don't have a mother with whom you can share your inner thoughts. Therefore, you would like to be closer to your daddy to talk to him just about everything.


I repeat, you are a very intelligent girl and I wish that your father would recognise that and pay you much more attention.

If you think that you don't have the courage to talk to your father face to face, you may write him a very important letter.

This is a good time to do so because Fathers' Day is on Sunday, June 17. If you can afford to buy him a card, do so, but put a letter in that card and express yourself.

Make sure you don't say anything that would give your father the impression that you are out of order, but make sure that you beg him to spend some more time with you and make sure you tell him that you love him.

You are 16 and you need to have good friends, not friends who will get you into trouble by leading you in the wrong path. I would like to suggest that you go to church.

Find a church where there are vibrant young people and become a part of the young people's movement. Some churches have their youth meetings on a Friday evening.

They have Bible drills, quizzes and games. Before long, you would feel very much at home and become active.

Again, I thank you for writing and if I can be of further help to you, you can write me again or call me at 1-876-929-1667 or 1876-877-1009. May God bless you.


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