Boyfriend doesn't want my son to move in

July 11, 2018

Dear Pastor,
I have been living with a man for the last six months. I am 30 years old and he is 40.  I have a son who is four years old.

I want my son to come and live with us, but my boyfriend does not want him to live with us. He doesn’t want him here and his father doesn’t want him.

I don’t want him to live with my sister. She has space, but she is very selfish.

My boyfriend said that he does not want my son here because he is not prepared to support another man’s child. I told him that I am going to have to leave him.

He said if it has to come to that, I may go, but at the same time, he doesn’t want me to leave. Finding another man is not my problem.

I meet them every day. But this man has his own house and he takes care of me. Please tell me what to do.

Dear C.R.,
Try your best to get a job and rent a room for your son and yourself to live together. You know this man doesn’t want your son to live in the same house with him.

But he is your son and you have to take the position that if this man doesn’t want your son to live with you, he is not a good man.

He should try to help your son and treat him as his own because he doesn’t know what the future holds. This child may grow up to be his right hand and to stand with him when he is old and needs help.

When he said that he is not supporting another man’s child, he is talking like a fool. Before you drop this man, you should ask him if both of you can meet with a pastor or counsellor and talk over this problem.

If he still insists that he doesn’t want the boy at his house, you should end the relationship with him.

Your son needs protection and guidance. You cannot allow your son to live without you just because you need a man.

This is the time your son’s father should step up to the plate. If he does not want your son, it shows that he is an irresponsible father.

Don’t send your son to live with anybody if the man with whom you are living doesn’t want him to live at his home with you; remember you have power.

I don’t have to spell out everything to you. You can lock down on him and move out. I wish you well.

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