Need money to get to university


August 09, 2018

Dear Pastor

I am going through a serious case of depression. I am a 19-year-old young woman who has tried her best to uplift her family and who tries to excel academically.

I have tried to be the best child I can be to my parents.

I currently have eight CSEC subjects, and four CAPE subjects - unit one. I am awaiting my unit two results.

Even though I have good grades, I have ambition and dignity. I've always been guided by the concept of 'intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings'.

So, I am always trying to improve myself and learn from my failures and try to remain motivated to do better.

I was also accepted in a number of universities overseas to study but I can't afford to attend them.

I got accepted in the University of the West Indies and I still can't afford to attend. I was so focused on trying to get to these places I didn't think about student loan, and when I did, all the deadlines had ended.

I am writing this for you to pray for me. I am truly in need of prayer. I still believe God. He is able to help me despite my circumstances.

The Bible says 'I was young and now I am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.' I hold these scriptures dearly to my heart.

I have applied to numerous places to get a summer job and so far there has been no success.

I wanted to work and help myself through university and move on to my masters and, hopefully, my PhD.

But I feel as if my dreams are crashing before my eyes, and while I pray and try to be patient in the Lord, it can be frustrating.

Suddenly I feel like I am a burden to my parents now, because they didn't make any preparation for this day.

So now they are stressed beyond comparison, as if it is my fault we are broke. And you know what I fail to understand, pastor?

There are many teens who have children and while I am not condemning them for their decisions, I am not in the worst position.

It is just that my parents are acting up because I want to go to university, and they behave sometimes as if it is my choice to be born broke.

The truth be told, if we could choose where and which family we were born into, we all would be in wealth.

I am in serious need of prayer along with my family. Pastor, please pray for us and please ask God ,on my behalf, to shed some light on us financially.

Please ask God to help me and my family out.


Dear A.D.,

I know you don't mean it, but you come across as someone who is ungrateful to your parents and to God Almighty. I repeat, I know you don't mean to sound that way.

But believe me, that is the impression that you are giving me.

I would say to you that you are mighty fortunate that you have parents who have helped you and have supported you and it is through them, and with the help of God, that you have done so very well in school. I must beg you to stop showing ingratitude to them by blaming them.

You want to go to university abroad, but that may or may not happen right away. Don't blame your parents if you are unable to get there.

You could have applied to the UWI and applied to the Students' Loan Bureau earlier. They are not to be blamed for your own neglect. What you should do now is to continue to search for a job and to prepare yourself to enter university next year.

It can be very frustrating seeking a job and nothing is coming through, but you would get a job if you continue to pursue one. In the meantime, continue to trust God and not give up.


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