Husband is demanding money from me


August 10, 2018

Dear Pastor,

My husband does not give me money. I don't ask for any money and he does not want me to work overtime.

I earn more than what he makes. He prefers to take from me. We split the bills, but that's not enough. He recently found out that I have a hidden account.

As a result, he has more reasons to demand money for car issues and he says I must pay it in full because according to him, he does not have the money; even if I don't send any money to my children, I have to give to him.


Dear B.S.,

Your husband is bullying you. He is demanding from you. He does not have any right to demand money from you. That is your money.

The money you earned is not his money, it is your money. You have been offering him part of it because of the kindness of your heart.

I regret that I have to tell you that your husband is an inconsiderate man. He knows that you have to send support to your children but he does not care, as long as he can get money from you to maintain his car.

I think the time has come for you to put your feet down and to say to him, enough is enough.

Tell him it is either that he gets another job that would pay him more, and if he cannot get another job, he should cease from harassing you.

You have a private account and your husband found out, so he is coming on stronger in his demands. You shouldn't be ashamed of having this account, because you have to protect yourself.

He is a spendthrift and you have to protect yourself. If he will have his way, he will spend out every cent. Therefore, his name should not be in the account.

I hope that you will not allow him to put you under pressure or to convince you that his name should be on this particular account that you have kept private.

You should only put a person you can trust on your account.


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