Cousin stabbed my brother over a charger


October 18, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I need your honest opinion. I have a situation with my younger brother, my grand-aunt, her daughter and her son. An incident occurred one Sunday afternoon.

My cousin stole my little brother's charger in the week and my brother went to him several times. He said that he didn't have it.

My cousin's younger brother went to my father and told him that his brother hid the charger in his room.

My grand-aunt and her daughter beat the little boy. On Sunday, my brother went to my cousin and started to act boisterously because he wanted his charger.

My aunt, who is 32, gave her son scissors to stab my brother. She hugged my brother tightly like she was playing with him and then her son stabbed my brother in the back.

Then she let go and ran to the police station, saying that my brother ran her down with a knife.

We rushed my brother to the hospital when we discovered that the stab was deep. The doctor said it damaged his spine and almost killed him. The police came and took statements from my cousin's family and not mine.

They only asked us if we are OK and then returned to the station. My aunt and her family called the police station 24/7 saying that we are sending threats and that they are scared.

The police seem to be on their side. The police said that if we do "jungle justice" they are going to come for us.

Now, tell me Pastor, the police are not backing us. We are paying all the expenses from Sunday until now. Should we take this into our own hands or go to a different police station? No justice is being served.


Dear J.W.,

This is a very serious matter. It is an incident that the police should be dealing with. Evidently, you are not satisfied with how the police are handling this matter. Therefore, I suggest that you seek justice by retaining a lawyer. I wish you well.


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