My man won't stop messaging other women


October 22, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I wrote to you before and you gave me some good advice. I'm hoping you can assist me again. I met this man a couple months ago. He tried on several occasions to get me to go out with him, but I ignored him. One day I finally gave him a chance, and we had a great time. So we started spending more time together until we eventually became lovers.

He is a very good man, and he treats me well. He is an American. He expressed his desire to take me to the US to meet his family in December. We are currently in the process of sorting out my visa. The issue I am having is that he's a liar. He lies a lot.

I have gone through his phone (Yes, I know this was wrong), and saw where he is talking to multiple females, asking them to come by his house, etc. He's on a social media site called Tagged, and he keeps messaging females. I confronted him the first time and he promised he would cut all of them off, but he hasn't done so.

He is lying to these girls, giving excuses as to why he can't call and speak to them on the phone. However, it was because I was at home with him, so he couldn't speak to them.

Pastor, I was planning to move in with this man at the end of the month, but now I'm reconsidering. He has been asking me to move in with him since we started our relationship, but I didn't want to do that. But now I have to move out of my apartment by month end so I decided to just move in with him. Do you think this man is just using me for sex or is he serious about our relationship? He's 35 years old and I'm 22 years old.


Dear D.B.,

You claim that this man is a wonderful man. Well, I am here to tell you that you are very naOve, and for 22 years old, you should not b e so naOve. You consider this man to be great, and yet you call him a liar. You went into his phone and you saw the number of women that he is communicating with and the lies he is telling them. Then how can you consider him to be a good man? The two cannot go together.

How can you be sure that the things he told you about loving you and wanting to take you to America are true? The man is lying so much, how can you be sure that he is an American and he wants to take you to America to meet his relatives? I wouldn't encourage you to believe a word this man says. Don't put your confidence in this man. You are going to be greatly disappointed if you do.


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