Don’t trust my boyfriend anymore

February 21, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and I have a boyfriend. He says he really loves me, but he can't keep one girlfriend.

His new girlfriend and I were friends. I did not know that they were having a relationship until one day I tried to call her and couldn't get her; I couldn't get my boyfriend either.

So, I had to call another friend to help me. When I finally got my boyfriend, I asked him what was happening.

He said that he went out, and I pressed him to tell me where he went, but he wouldn't. So I knew something was wrong because generally, he would tell me where he went.

I called my girlfriend and I got her, and I was complaining to her. She said that he was with her. I was so shocked.

She told me that he said he wanted to move on from me and come to her, but she told him that could only happen if I agreed.

I asked her if they had sex and she said they came close to it, but she didn't do it. I started to cry, and she told me that I didn't need to cry because she wouldn't go out with him again. But she said she really liked him.

After talking to me, she told him that she didn't want any confusion, so she wouldn't go out with him again.

He told her that she shouldn't have told me that they went out together, because the time wasn't right. But, every day he is calling me and telling me that he is sorry and he wants our relationship to continue.

I am working, but I have evening school and he helps me. I don't know what to do. Please, give me your advice.


Dear L.D.,

This young man is either lying to you or he wants to have you and your girlfriend at the same time. I believe the latter is true and that is why he did not want you to know that he dated your girlfriend.

One can argue that your girlfriend should not have gone out with him. On the other hand, one could also say that she didn't have to tell you that she did.

The truth is, she likes him too, and she thought that he was speaking the truth when he said he wanted to end the relationship with you.

Some girls, however, will never have an intimate relationship with their friend's partner, whether the relationship is current or past.

This man is now telling you that he is sorry for what he has done. I would say to you, do not to listen to him. End the relationship with him. He is not trustworthy.

You may say that he is very helpful. He assists you to attend school, but you may have to adjust the way you live.

Deny yourself of certain things so that you can pay your fees and not rely on him. He is not a good man.


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