Lusting for a schoolboy

May 20, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. I am 23 years old and I am in love with a 16-year-old schoolboy. I sometimes feel like what I'm doing is wrong.

Though I know no one is perfect, he is perfect to me in every single way. When I see him smile, my whole world brightens.

He attends a prominent high school in Clarendon. People are already suspecting and talking about us, but I am not afraid.

I do have someone who lives abroad and he takes very good care of me. But what I truly lack is attention. I have the need and urge to be held and loved and that 16-year-old boy is always there for me. Please give me your advice.


Dear Anonymous,

You are an adult. You are 23 years old. This guy is only 16, he is not even an adult and yet you are talking about him as if he is the champion of your life.

The type of relationship you should have with this guy should be casual. You should not be lovers. But, both of you are.

And, you have declared that you do not care what people say about both of you and the type of relationship you are having. You should care.

You have admitted that you have a boyfriend who lives abroad and takes good care of you. You say that your boyfriend abroad is unable to give you the attention that you need.

What I suppose you are trying to say is that because your boyfriend is abroad, he cannot hug, kiss and have sex with you.

But this 16-year-old boy can do all these things. You have to learn to control your feelings.

This 16-year-old will do anything that you want him to do for you. But he is not going to grow up to respect you.

The people in the district are going to eventually tell the young man abroad that you cannot be trusted. You would not want people to call you a bad girl.

So, please back away from the relationship that you are having with the 16-year-old guy. Consider him a social friend, that is all.


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