My girlfriend always wants money

May 24, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old. I have just left school. My girlfriend is 19. I love her. I spent one night with her at her grandmother's house. We went out together. When I accompanied her home, it was late and her grandmother was sleeping. The grandmother did not even know the time that she had come home.

When she opened the door, I went in behind her, and she shouted to her grandmother: "Granny, I'm home". Her grandmother said: "All right, turn off the lights." I went in behind her and went straight into her room and was with her until four in the morning. I had sex with her three times for the night. When I was leaving the house, the grandmother was in the bathroom, but she did not know that I slept there.

Pastor, when we met, this girl told me that she was a virgin, but now I know that she was not a virgin. I asked her about it, and she said she was only joking and that she lost her virginity a long time ago. I love this girl, but I can't manage her. Every day she calls me and asks me for money. I don't have any money to give her.

My friends told me that she is going to give me 'bun'. I don't want her to give me bun. I do a little hustling on the road, such as wiping car windows and so on, but by the time I am finished, I am tired and have to go home and bathe. Sometimes I give her all the money I made. I don't want to leave her. Please tell me what to do.


Dear G.O.,

In the first place, you should know that this girl is not good. She gave you a little sex one night and made you feel that you are important. She is 19 and living with her grandmother. She is a little trickster, so you should turn away from her. She is going to take away every cent you earn.

Your friends are quite correct. This girl doesn't really want you, she wants money. And as your friend told you, she is going to give you bun. You are on the street hustling, cleaning windows and windshields. The money you are making on the road is not enough to support this 'big woman'. You are 17 years old. You should save your energy and your strength to get yourself a skill.

I therefore suggest that you try and apply to HEART Trust/NTA and get some training that will help you not only to survive, but to get ahead in life. Drop this girl. She is trouble. Get off the streets, and go back to school. Do so as early as possible.


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