Don’t know my babyfather’s first name

July 12, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you from Kingston. Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I see where you help a lot of people to find their relatives.

I am searching to find my daughter's father. He is from Clarendon. I know him as Mr Bailey. I did not get his first name. He used to live off Chisholm Avenue. He was a soldier.

My daughter wants to know her relatives from his side of the family. She has never met him. I met him in 1977 and my daughter was born in 1978.

My name is Betty. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.


Dear B.,

I will not condemn you, but it is amazing that you met a man and had sex with him and you didn't know anything about him.

You only knew him as Mr Bailey and you knew that he was a soldier. You met this man in 1977 and you gave birth to your daughter in 1978.


You haven't stated how young you were, but it would have been easier to find that man during the time you were pregnant or soon after you gave birth.

I repeat, I am not going to condemn you because you are not alone when it comes to women having sexual intercourse and becoming pregnant with men whose names and addresses they do not know.

Some of these men just meet the women and on the same day, they take them to one of these cheap motels, give them some money, have sex with them, and that's the end of it.

I am sure that your daughter would love to know her father. Sometime ago there were some men doing some work at the First Baptist Church.

A young girl came and said that she wanted to see one of them. I asked her what was the person's name and she did not know his name; all she knew was that they called him 'Indian'.

Yes, there was a man working on the property who was known as Indian. So we shouted out "Indian, Indian" and the young man answered. He came down to see her.

They had met and became friends, but she did not know his name. However, she told us he was her boyfriend. They were sleeping together, but she didn't know his real name.

So madam, you are not alone. And I don't know how to help you to find your daughter's father and other relatives. You say this man used to live at Chisholm Avenue.

I hope somebody may see this letter and call me or send me a text or something, and inform me that they knew him.

That would have to be an 'old-timer' who lived in the area. But this is all I can say at the moment.


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