Stole my mean man’s money

February 17, 2020

Dear Pastor,

You can be so very hard at times. What you write is the truth, but some of us cannot stand the truth all the time. I am with a man who is very mean to me. He would give me money to go to the market and when I get back, I would have to explain how I spent every cent. If I go to the store, it is the same thing.

I wasn't working for a while and I had to demand money from him for myself, and most times he said that he didn't have any money. I suspected where he was putting money and I went in there and took out $5,000. After a week, he missed the money but he couldn't ask me if I took it, because he had told me he didn't have any money. I went back to the place he kept his money; but nothing was there, he moved it.


Sometimes women have to steal from men because the men are very mean. I have stolen from my man twice. He suspected that I took the money, but he never asked me. But I heard him cursing and saying that there must be a thief in the house because he is missing some money. I said to him, "How can you miss money that you didn't have?" and he didn't answer.

I would love to get married, but I can't marry a man who doesn't like to spend money. Your advice would be appreciated.


Dear T.O.,

Stop stealing from your man. You say that he is mean and if he is the type of guy who really wants to know how you spend every cent he gives you, it means that he does not trust you. He believes that you are extravagant in spending.

A man who is living with his woman ought to know that it is his responsibility to give her money. If she is working and earning a salary, both of them can put money together and pay the bills. But even so, I have always encouraged men to give the women money although the women are working.

Your man, I am sure, realised that you are stealing from him. You should tell him that you took the money and that you do not want to search for money anymore. And you are prepared to end the relationship with him if he does not change, because you want your conscience to be free. A wise man would get the message, so let's hope that he would understand and change his ways.


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