Wicked friend slept with my wife

April 01, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am a married man and some people would say that I am a gallis because I have lots of women friends. I keep women friends because one of my friends got involved with my first wife, and it was hard to forgive both of them. I had a great feeling of resentment for my ex-wife and for this man. At one time, I promised myself that I would kill the both of them, but counselling helped me to work through my feelings of resentment. And I was able to forgive my wife, but not to the extent that I could continue to live with her. Her transgression was always before me.

I spoke to the man, face to face, who had the affair with my wife, and he could not explain why he had an affair with my wife. While he was talking to me, I had a dagger in my pocket. I could have stabbed him up, but I didn't. That is why I keep more women friends than male friends.


I am now married for the second time and my wife's friends told her that I am keeping too many women friends. Women cannot always be trusted because even my wife's friends have tried to become involved with me. Sometimes the temptation to go with them is strong, but I have never done so. Some of us men go through things that are very hard to take, Pastor.

Thank you for your programme at nights. They have helped me.

Initial Withheld

Dear Writer,

Many women have told me that they prefer to have male friends. They don't like the company of women friends because they chat too much. It is natural, however, for men to love women, but it is only a very bad man who would encourage his friend's wife to cheat on her husband.

And your friend is a very wicked man. But I am happy that you had the strength to forgive your wife and to forgive this man. You could have yielded to the temptation to kill both of them, but you had the strength not to yield and carry out that wicked act.

I hope your wife would understand that you are not having an affair with any of her friends. Take good care of yourself, brother.


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