Friend said she wanted to sleep with my man

December 08, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old and I am having a little problem. I have a friend who is 19. She and I went to high school together. I used to stay at her house sometimes on weekends, and she used to stay at my house, too. When I got involved with a guy, I told her and she wanted one, too. So, I introduced her to my boyfriend's brother and they hit it off. She had sex with my boyfriend's brother before I had sex with my boyfriend. But she always had an eye on my boyfriend. She told me everything that she and her boyfriend did in bed. She became very freaky. I laughed at some of the things she told me they did.

Things got serious when she said that she would like to try out my boyfriend. I am not talking about a threesome. I told her that I was too jealous to allow that to happen and she should learn to be satisfied with what she has. I told my boyfriend what she said, and he said he would like to try her. From that day on, I don't trust them together.

When I started to work, I was working too far away from my parents' home, so I rented a one-bedroom place. I told my friend that I couldn't allow her to come and stay with me often because my boyfriend comes there whenever he wants to and we only have one double-sized bed.

This girl got a job in a supermarket and she wants us all to rent a bigger place. But I don't trust her. She told me she was only joking about wanting to try my boyfriend. But my boyfriend says he would "hit it", and that I wouldn't have to worry. I told my boyfriend's brother to keep his eyes on his woman because she likes his brother. He, too, said that she was only joking. But I don't trust her. And I can't be careless with my boyfriend. I told her to get a place on her own. But her boyfriend is not interested in living with any woman, so he is not going to help her pay any rent. Do you think I am reading too much into what she told me?

Jealous Girlfriend

Dear Jealous Girlfriend,

Whether you are jealous or not, you have a right to be careful. Don't give the impression that you do not care what your boyfriend does. Your girlfriend has declared that she likes your boyfriend and she would love to play with him in bed. She expressed that to you. That should be enough for you to be extra cautious and protect your relationship. She probably thought that you would take what she said lightly, and perhaps even suggest a threesome. But you are wiser than that. What you should do now, however, is to tell her not to come back. You only have enough room in your house for two, and that is your boyfriend and yourself.


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