Sister trying to steal my husband

January 19, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am a Christian but my husband is not. I know that he has girlfriends but I don't make that trouble me. He is a good husband to me and a good father to his children.

What is bothering me is that my own sister is having an affair with my husband. She denies it but I am not stupid. I have proof. He keeps getting calls from her and if I am close by, he would tell her that he would call back. I asked him why he cannot talk to my sister if I am around and he says it is because I talk too much and he does not want me to hear what he is telling her.

My sister got involved with one of my brothers-in-law, and so it is known in the family that she would cause trouble for any one of us. One time my sister told me that my husband looks as if he is very gifted. I didn't understand what she meant and she laughed. I asked a relative what she meant and he told me that it means that my husband has a large penis. So, I knew that my sister was admiring my husband.

My sister has a boyfriend and I told her that she should stick with her man and stop trying to get my husband. She asked me how I knew that my husband does not want her. My husband says they are only good friends and he is not going to stop talking to her because of me. My husband should not talk to me that way because I am his wife.

Am I wrong to believe that my husband and my sister went to bed? I ask the question because of the way my husband reacted to me. I do not know why my sister can't be satisfied with what she has. I am writing to you because she reads your column and my husband reads it too, so both of them would see that they are wrecking my nerves. So, please help me. If I can't get my husband, my sister will not be allowed to get him either.


Dear E.G.,

I am just wondering whether you are allowing your thoughts to run crazy. I don't mean to imply that you should be careless about your relationship.

Your sister and your husband are always talking and you became suspicious because whenever he sees you and she is on the phone with him, he stops talking. He told you that you talk too much. Perhaps he said that because you might have repeated certain things that she told him and he told you.

But let me hasten to say that it is not unusual for brothers-in-law to get sexually involved with sisters-in-law. That is a terrible thing to do. I knew of a case where one man was having sex with his brother's wife and the brother caught them. I am just trying to tell you that these things really happen and it brings shame in the family. But there are some people who don't care. That is why they say 'cousin and cousin boil good soup'. Some people are definitely shameless.

Although your sister may not have anything good to say about you because you have told her about her closeness to your husband, if she continues to show interest in him and he does not have the respect to draw a line and to keep his distance from her, it might be time for you to tell her not to come back to your house. You should also insist that your husband keeps his distance from her even if he says that you are being cantankerous.


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