Buju hopes to inspire with Born for Greatness

September 18, 2023
Buju Banton
Buju Banton
Buju Banton at the launch of his album, ‘Born for Greatness’ held at Di Lot on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.
Buju Banton at the launch of his album, ‘Born for Greatness’ held at Di Lot on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.

Ringing in his new musical era with gratitude and joy, reggae icon Buju Banton welcomed friends, well-wishers and even strangers into his company to celebrate the release of his latest studio album, Born For Greatness, last Saturday.

Held at Di Lot on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, the venue was decked in the black and gold that has come be synonymous with this current era.

While having no shortage of invited guests, including some of the music industry's elite, the Gragamel's team told THE STAR, for this launch he wanted to leave the door open for his fans to bask in his success with him.

"He didn't want to publicise the launch but he told us not to turn his fans away, so really everyone is welcome tonight," Banton's publicist said.

With the signature cocktails inspired by the album, Born for Greatness and Sip Sip Sip flowing Richie Feelings and a host of other DJs captained the route through not only Banton's previous work but dancehall at large.

After no time, the Gargamel, dressed in an eggshell-coloured cashmere vest and mustard trousers, took the stage to give his captive audience a taste of his musings during the creation of his album.

Thanking the crowd for spending the evening with him he began, "Big up mi people dem, me love unuh. Love unuh from the heart. A nuff tribulation, unuh watch me from me a youth, come up in a the system. And unuh watch me stand up and defend unuh rights all when unuh nuh wah defend it. And unuh cuss me too, me can deal with that cause me still love unuh. But at the end of the day, a the music me talk to unuh through and if the music not speaking to the peoples we not effective."

Claiming to be his own DJ for the night, Banton, aided by Richie Feelings, spent a few moments performing a few line of some of the tracks from the record.

In Buju Banton fashion, the Gargamel kept his audience guessing as he delivered some of the performances with track assistance while others he delivered fully a cappella. Adding to the intrigue of the icon he shared a few anecdotes about the tracks he shared renditions of.

"This album born for greatness comprise of 17 tracks. Tracks that range from music fi men you meditate and see things, tell you things weh no one else nah tell you, cause that's the purpose of this music," he said summing up the project.

Quipping that he didn't have enough time to deliver a thesis for all 17 of his new songs, Banton retreated to his skyjack perch just as swiftly as he descended.

Leaving the crowd with his well-wishes and gratitude he said, "We're born for greatness, not only me, all a we. Sometimes inah this life yah, we greatness them try stunt it and we have to reinvent we self."

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