Prince Fabulous wants to ‘build back Jamaica’

October 03, 2023
Prince Fabulous
Prince Fabulous

Dancehall artiste Prince Fabulous prefers to focus on the positive aspects of Jamaica, despite all the negativity circulating online about the island.

"We focus on too much negativity and 'dawkness' in Jamaica. Mi granny used to say, 'Yu better light a candle, than curse the darkness.' I choose to focus on the positive images of Jamaica; we can build back the country. The reception on my current track ( Build Back Jamaica) is great so far, people are really loving the cultural, positive vibes," said the artiste, whose given name is Richardo Miller.

"I love Jamaica, I am a patriot. I know the violence is bad, the youth them just not holding no good meds. But there is hope. There is still a lot to be grateful and thankful for with Jamaica," he said.

Prince Fabulous grew up in St Ann, in a small district named Hessen Castle. He attended Murray Mountain All-Age School before completing his secondary education at Aabuthnott Gallimore High School. Over the past two decades, he has been honing his craft to create an edgy, hard-hitting, '90s dancehall-inspired sound.

"I am just working hard, staying humble and focusing. I am trying not to be an 'over the edge' person and just take inspiration from all I see happening around me," he said.

He recently participated in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's Festival Song Competition, where he got to the top 10.

"My ultimate musical goal is to make good music for the people, and for the music world to recognise Prince Fabulous," he said.

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